Environmental valuation

What do we offer?

We perform environmental valuations for construction projects and areas of natural value, such as parks, nature reserves or Natura 2000 sites. We have extensive experience gained in all types of construction projects (roads, gas mains, overhead power lines) and during cooperation with non-governmental organizations.

What is environmental valuation?

Environmental valuation consists in estimating the natural value of a specific area or natural elements and is closely related to ecological survey, being its direct resultant. The basic criterion is the number or spread of a given element, or colloquially speaking, its rarity in Poland or the European Union.

How long does it take to complete the valuation?

Due to its strict dependency on the results of the ecological survey, the date of the valuation is determined by the date of completion of the survey. Therefore, it all depends on the methodology adopted. This may take from several weeks or months to one year.

How much does an environmental valuation cost?

Cena waloryzacji przyrodniczej zależy bezpośrednio od zakresu elementów przyrodniczych poddanych waloryzacji. Przy niewielkich inwestycjach koszt wyniesie kilkaset złotych, a w przypadku dużych projektów kilka tysięcy.

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