Botanist, specialist in plant communities

A botanist is a specialist in plants and natural habitats. In his work he uses photographic equipment, a GPS receiver and numerous plant and habitat identification keys. He works in the field throughout the growing season. Due to the enormous diversity of species and habitats, a good expert should have many years of experience in field work. The result of his work are such studies as ecological survey and environmental site valuation.

Phytosociological photos

Jednym z głównych elementów metodyki pracy botanika jest sporządzanie phytosociological photo. It is a description of a studied patch of vegetation used to characterize the plant community. It includes, among others, the list of species, their density and the area of cover.

Ecological survey and environmental supervision

A botanist is an inseparable member of teams performing comprehensive ecological surveys. He is also indispensable during the implementation of construction investments, providing environmental supervision. His work is also vital for preparing compensatory planting projects for earlier cuttings and in environmental supervision.

botanist in a meadow