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Ornithological and chiropterological survey icon

Ornithological and chiropterological survey

It’s most commonly used in the case of thermo-modernization and renovation of buildings, as well as deforestation and shrub removal.

Ecological survey icon

Ecological survey

A comprehensive service including surveys for the presence of the main groups of animals and plants in a given area. Common for larger investments.

Environmental impact assessment icon

Environmental impact assessment

Documentation required in the case of carrying out investments that may have a significant impact on the environment.

Project Information Sheet icon

Project Information Sheet

Required for investments that can potentially have a significant impact on the environment.

Inventory of green spaces icon

Inventory of green spaces

Description and characteristics of the trees and shrubs in a given area. Necessary in the case of planned deforestation or stand conversion.

Environmental supervision icon

Environmental supervision

Required for carrying out many investments. Starting from the smaller ones, such as thermal modernization of the building, through deforestation, to road construction.

Environmental monitoring icon

Environmental monitoring

Usually carried out at the stage of the investment’s operation, right after its commissioning. Also performed for protected areas, such as parks or Natura 2000 sites.

Environmental valuation icon

Environmental valuation

It is an estimation of the environmental value of a given area, based on the parameters of specific elements of the environment.

Environmental compensation icon

Environmental compensation

It’s offsetting the investment’s negative effects. It covers a wide range of activities – from the installation of nesting boxes to the transfer or restoration of habitats.

Environmental footprint assessment icon

Environmental footprint assessment

It is the determination of the environmental footprint that a business or organisation generates and how to minimize it.