Every day we are accompanied by their singing, yet we are not always aware of the presence of these little creatures.  Birds reign in the skies and have inspired us for many years. A perfect example of this is man’s first ascent into the skies. The profession of ornithologist was created in order to gain more knowledge about birds.

Who is an ornithologist?

An ornithologist is first and foremost an observer. The work of an ornithologist is associated with the study of many aspects of bird life. Observation allows taking appropriate action to protect birds. Hearing is also important. Individual species can be recognized by the characteristic sounds made by our winged friends. In addition, the ornithologist systematizes information on bird species. Specialists also study habitat distribution, lifestyles and migration routes.

What does an ornithologist do?

His help is vital in the development of investments. Not only does he provide support for the entrepreneur, but his work also lays the foundation for the protection of local bird species. The work of an ornithologist is connected with unusual working hours. It is best to start observations early in the morning, when birds wake up. For nocturnal species, surveys should be conducted at night with appropriate equipment. 

How to become an ornithologist?

It is good to start with amateur ornithology, early experience in this field will be a good asset in the future. You do not need professional equipment. All you need is a camera, a journal and a pen and you can go out into the world. It is worth finding out whether there are any associations of amateur ornithologists in your area. Often such groups organize joint trips in search of regional species. The Faculty of Biology opens the way to your dream profession.This is where you will get basic knowledge that will be useful in your career development. You should be aware that there are over 400 species of birds in Poland. Knowledge about them and experience is gained over the years. Of course it will not be without communing with nature. It is in the bosom of nature that we are able to start the first observations, and this is an indispensable part of our education. Good hearing and the ability to recognize different species of birds are also useful in this profession. It may be difficult to spot an individual among the treetops, in which case hearing will be our best friend.  

What is an ornithologist’s job?

Ornithologist takes part in the development of both larger investments and smaller ones, for example, thermo-modernization of buildings. An ornithological opinion needs to be prepared by a qualified professional – it is one of the basic documents prepared by an ornithologist. On the basis of the above documentation, permission to start construction work is obtained. It is important to make all observations properly. In this way, we take into account all the individuals living in the investment area. In this way, we take into account all the individuals living in the investment area. On the basis of this information we can, if necessary, carry out compensation

Where does an ornithologist work?

The work of an ornithologist is associated with working outdoors. Yes, to a large extent, ornithology experts spend a lot of time in the field. However, working in an office is also an integral part of the job. All the information obtained should be collected as a whole, in the form of a report. A document prepared in this way can be presented to the client, thus allowing the construction or modernization to start. It is common to inspect a building for habitation by particular birds or bats. After all, we do not want innocent creatures to be harmed during renovation work. A good ornithologist can find a position in research institutes, nature reserves or institutions of higher education that specialise in the study of natural sciences.