Environmental supervision

What do we offer?

We provide comprehensive environmental supervision services for construction projects. Thanks to this, investments carried out under the supervision of our team proceed in a conflict-free manner and minimize the potentially negative impact of the project on the environment.

Why is it so important?

The aim of our team is to ensure that the implementation of the project does not cause damage to the environment, and thus possible criminal consequences for the investor. Usually, such damage is unintentional and results from ignorance of field workers. Hence, the presence of competent and good environmental supervision allows to avoid such situations.

Our experience

We have been supervising all kinds of construction projects throughout the country for over 10 years. From small projects such as greenery felling or buildings, through the service of industrial plants to road investments.

How much does environmental supervision cost?

The cost of environmental supervision depends on many aspects, including scope and duration of the works. For this reason, estimation is done separately for each project. The price of environmental supervision usually ranges from several hundred zlotys to several thousand zlotys a month.

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