Overhead power lines

Overhead power lines – a unique line investment

The economic development of the country generates an increasing demand for electricity. Meanwhile, the state of the country’s lines leaves much to be desired and requires urgent modernization and expansion. The construction of transmission lines is an investment that requires not only an EIA report, but also, due to its specificity, extensive knowledge and experience in the preparation of a large-scale ecological survey.

Bet on our experience

We are co-authors of guidelines concerning environmental research methodology for this type of investment. We also carried out one of the first studies to verify the effectiveness of the implemented minimization measures on the lines (hanged markers) in the country. We follow current reports and guidelines on applicable standards for the preparation of environmental documentation. In addition, we follow the latest publications from around the world and scientific literature in the environmental industry.

What we offer?

We provide complete environmental services for investments both at the design, execution and operation stages (EIA, ecological survey, environmental monitoring). Our experience and knowledge guarantee smooth implementation of the task.

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