Specialist in mammalian research

A mammalogist is a mammalian specialist. His work, unlike that of an ornithologist for example, consists primarily of looking for signs of animal presence. The mammals themselves tend to have a nocturnal and secretive lifestyle and are shy. Direct observation accounts for only a small proportion of the data collected.

Mammalogist as a detective

The work of a mammalogist has something to do with the work of a detective – he looks for and analyses animal tracks and their droppings, feeding traces and shelter sites. Many years of experience in fieldwork are necessary to do the job at the right level. It is also important to be able to withstand difficult work in any weather conditions, such as winter tracking.

Necessary equipment

In addition to binoculars, a camera and appropriate clothing, the mammalogist often uses more specialized and advanced equipment. These include, for example, photo-traps and traps for the live capture of small mammals.

What does he do?

The participation of our expert is essential during complex ecological surveys and monitoring. The mammalogist also provides environmental supervision during tree felling (possible presence of squirrels in tree hollows). He plays an important role in investments related to land reclamation and regulation of watercourses, where his main targets of tracking are beavers and otters. For road and railway investments, our specialist also carries out environmental monitoring of mortality and animal crossings..

mammalogist installs emergency traps