Chiroptera, meaning bats

Due to the specific biology of the research object and inventory methods, a chiropterologist is an expert who specializes in the study of one unique group of animals. This is the secretive and elusive bat. A bat survey usually aims to find the breeding sites of bats and their wintering places.

What does a chiropterologist do?

The participation of this specialist is most often indispensable in complex ecological surveys and expert opinions for the purposes of thermo-modernisation of buildings of buildings and tree felling. Environmental monitoring is also a field in which the participation of a chiropterologist proves crucial. Research in this context mainly concerns the impact of wind farms, but also roads and power lines.

Indispensable detector and software

This requires specialist equipment – an ultrasonic detector and expert software to analyse the recordings. Each species of bat produces sounds at a specific frequency. This makes it possible to identify and assign the recordings to a particular species. The chiropterologist should also be able to make interpersonal contacts easily, as part of his job is to talk to building owners and get opportunities to inspect their attics and lofts and basements.

What else does a chiropterologist do?

In addition to the standard observations, the chiropterologist investigates bat hibernation sites. These may be attics and lofts, shelters or bunkers, or even caves. This is when the life of these flying mammals is particularly threatened. The hibernation period is a very sensitive time for bats. If you accidentally discover such a place, you should move away and not disturb the sleeping animals. When bats are awakened in mid-winter, they lose valuable energy and this can affect their condition or even survival.

Are bats under protection?

Bats are under strict species protection for a simple reason – their greatest threat is man. This is why it is so important to plan renovation work properly. It is also forbidden to obstruct access to roosts and breeding sites. If you want to help these animals and at the same time increase their chances of survival, it is worth thinking about contacting a specialist.