Inventory of green spaces

What do we offer?

Implementation of some projects involves tree and shrub felling. We prepare the necessary documentation related to the procedure of obtaining a permit for felling trees and shrubs – inventory of green spaces, ornithological survey, applications to the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection.

What is an inventory of green spaces?

The aim of the survey is describing objects, i.e., trees and shrubs intended for felling or reconstruction. The basic characteristics of tree stands include such elements as species and diameter at breast height (diameter of a tree at a height of 130 cm). Moreover, the height and health condition and possibly the crown diameter or the presence of bird nests are recorded. For shrubs, the area in square meters is given instead of the DBH.

How long does an inventory of trees and shrubs take?

The date of preparing the inventory of green spaces depends on the number of objects, i.e. trees and shrubs, intended for the inventory. During one day, depending on the specificity of the area and the nature of greenery, it is possible to describe from several dozen to several hundred objects. Complete documentation can be ready in a few days.

How much does an inventory of green spaces cost?

The cost of the inventory is calculated individually. It depends on the degree to which the area is covered with greenery and the specific nature of the area. The price of the inventory of green spaces starts from several hundred zlotys for a study on a small wooded area.

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