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Ornithological and chiropterologistical survey icon

Ornithological and chiropterological survey

Renovations, thermo-modernizations, deforestation

Ecological survey icon

Ecological survey

For construction investments as a part of environmental impact assessment.

Environmental impact assessment icon

Environmental impact assessment

Investments and construction projects that may always or potentially have a significant impact on the environment.

Project Information Sheet icon

Project Information Sheet

Construction projects that may potentially have a significant impact on the environment.

Inventory of green spaces icon

Inventory of green spaces

For construction investments and greenery management.

Environmental supervision icon

Environmental supervision

Construction investments, renovations, deforestation.

Environmental monitoring icon

Environmental monitoring

Post-investment monitoring for construction projects.

Environmental valuation icon

Environmental valuation

Determining the environmental value of a selected area.

Environmental compensation icon

Environmental compensation

Balancing the impact of the investment on nature.

Environmental footprint assessment icon

Environmental footprint assessment

For your business or organisation.

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