Environmental monitoring

What do we offer?

We offer the possibility of performing post-implementation environmental monitoring covering all natural elements for each type of investment. Post-implementation environmental monitoring may be necessary for projects such as roads, overhead power lines or wind farms.

What is post-implementation environmental monitoring?

The purpose of post-investment monitoring is to actually determine the environmental impact of the investment at the stage of operation. It consists of identifying possible real impacts and the effectiveness of the implemented minimization measures.

What investments does it concern?

Post-completion environmental monitoring may concern the analysis of:

  • actual mortality of birds and bats (collisions with windmills and overhead power lines),
  • overall animal mortality (roads),
  • effectiveness of markers increasing the visibility of cables (overhead power lines),
  • use of wildlife crossings (roads),
  • the impact of the investment on the number and distribution of animals.

Post-implementation monitoring may also be required for smaller local investments.

Our experience

We also have extensive experience in post-implementation monitoring for roads (including A8, S8, DK8, DK19 roads), wind farms and overhead power lines. In the years 2012-2013, we conducted the first Polish research on the effectiveness of hanging markers to reduce bird mortality within the 400kV Pasikurowice – Wrocław overhead power line.

How much does post-implementation environmental monitoring cost?

The cost is determined individually and is closely linked to the type of investment, the scope of the works and the duration of the monitoring. Usually, however, it starts from a dozen thousand zlotys

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